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In conjunction with Malaysia Day 2023, we have something special for you to enjoy buying while you can remember back the taste of your childhood snacks. Only at RM 25.99 per box. 1 box already full with 9 types of different flavours for you to enjoy. Are you still thinking for that?


Come on! Just buy and enjoy together.


What We Serve in This Malaysian's Childhood Snack Box:


20g x 30 Tam Tam Crab Flavour Snack x 1 unit

112g(14gx8) Multigrain Tomato x 1 bag

112g(14gx8) Wholegrain Sweet Corn x 1 bag

70g Mimi Prawn x 1 packet

70g Mimi Garlic Mi Spicy x 1 packet

70g Tam Tam Chili Crab x 1 packet

60g Shoyuemi Curry x 1 packet

60g Shoyuemi Mee Seaweed x 1 packet

60g Bean Bean Original x 1 packet


Free Gift:

Snek Ku Recycle Bag - Bean Bean x 1 pc


Packing Size: 60g/70g/112g(14gx8)/20gx30 per packet

Shelf life: 9-12 months

Expiry Date: Please refer to packaging information