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      SNEK KU Special Set 2 (8bags Family pack Combo Mix)
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      SNEK KU Special Set 2 (8bags Family pack Combo Mix)

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      RM  30.40  26.75  
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      SKU: SK0002

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      Brand: Snek Ku
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      How to Order:

      Special Set: RM26.75 for 8bags

      Packing Size: 112g (14g x 8pkts) / 128g (16g x 8pkts) / 200g (25g x 8pkts) 

      Shelf life: 9 month

      Expiry Date: Refer Packaging

      Set B:

      • Tam Tam Crab Flavour (2bags),
      • Shoyuemi Original Flavour (1bag),
      • Shoyuemi Spicy Flavour (1bag),
      • Samba- Samba Hot & Spicy (2bags),
      • Grain5 Tomato Flavour (1bag),
      • Grain5 Potato Flavour (1bag)

      Set E

      Mix Flavour for 8bags (Please fill in the desired flavor & quantity in the remarks column)


      • MIMI Prawn Flavour
      • Tam Tam Crab Flavour
      • Ken Chicken Flavour
      • Pick Fine Green Peas & Prawn Flavour
      • Shoyuemi Original Flavour 
      • Shoyuemi Spicy Flavour
      • Shoyuemi Black Pepper Flavour
      • Shoyuemi Seaweed Flavour
      • Samba-Samba Hot & Spicy Flavour
      • Samba-Samba BBQ Chicken Flavour
      • Grain5 Multigrain Green Peas Flavour
      • Grain5 Multigrain Spicy Paprika Flavour
      • Grain5 Multigrain Potato Flavour
      • Grain5 Multigrain Tomato Flavour