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​​Who are we?

New Star Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. first opened its doors in 1976. located in Batu Pahat, Johor specializing in the manufacturing of snack foods. After more than fourty (40) years in the snack food industry, the company has established a brand name “Snek Ku”, which simply means “my snacks” in Bahasa Malaysia. Today, Snek Ku series of snacks including Mimi, Tam Tam, Ken, Pick Fine, ShoyueMi, Samba-Samba, Grain5 Multigrain, Grain5 Wholegrain and Bean Bean Muruku is not only sold in Malaysia, but also can be found in more than twenty (20) countries around the world including Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and so on.


New Star Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.



Through Thick And Thin 


New Star Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is now managed by the second generation of the business. In the late sixties, the founder Mr Lai Hang Keong kicked started the snacks business as a small trader in order to make a living and support the family. He made homemade snacks and delivered them to schools and sold them to young kids. As the family was poor and needed to be thrifty, all members, including the old and young ones were involved in making of the snacks.


Mr Lai Hang Keong’s children who now run the business, were involved in the making of the snacks since childhood. Sacrificing their play time to help their parents to make snacks after school was those good old memories which they learnt to find joy despite difficult times. These become the foundation of the company business concept which focus on family and the development of life.


The second generation management took over in 1976. Having realized the efficiency, accuracy and quality-assurance of production through mechanized production process, New Star Food began mechanized production with two (2) machines and slowly picked up and expanded production capacity. Today, snacks produced by New Star Food strictly comply with FSSC22000 Food Safety Management standards. Step by step, New Star Food embarked on a steadfast growth and development which turn it into a popular brand name today.


For New Star Food, the company would not have been successful if not for the struggles and experience gains from the early days of the business. New Star Food represents the unity of a family, struggling through difficult days and will always be attached to the good old memories of those years.